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Customer Faq’s

Answers for general questions

  • What is Home Automation?

    Home automation is the process of connecting all the functional elements of your home to a network, typically the Internet, and utilizing it to enhance convenience and efficiency.
    With home automation technology, you can control, monitor, and track various aspects of your home remotely using your smartphone, computer, or tablet device. This technology not only allows for active real-time control but also enables devices to respond to external events autonomously.

  • What Can I Automate in My Home?

    Virtually everything within your home can be automated. By examining all the devices connected to your home's grid (electric or network) and considering what can be measured (temperature, humidity, etc.), tracked (door movements, motion, activity, etc.), or controlled (electronic devices), you can determine the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Why Should I Automate My Home?

    Investing in home automation allows you to create a more comfortable and efficient living environment, complementing the efforts you've made to make your home aesthetically pleasing.

  • What Services Does Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd Offer?

    At Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd, we offer high-quality home automation devices from top brands worldwide. Our services include meticulous product testing, professional installation, and lifetime support. We provide a one-stop solution for all your home automation needs, including gate automation, ensuring seamless functionality throughout your home.

  • Is Operating a Home Automation System Easy?

    Yes, operating a home automation system is straightforward, especially when you choose products from top brands. Our curated selection ensures a smooth, intuitive, and well-designed user experience, allowing you to get started quickly and easily.

  • What If I Don't Have a Smartphone?

    While most home automation systems can still function without a smartphone, the experience may be somewhat limited as you won't have the ability to receive instant notifications or control devices remotely. We highly recommend using a smartphone for the best experience. Any mid-range iOS or Android device will suffice.

  • How Does the Home Automation System Operate?

    Home automation systems operate on various protocols such as Zigbee, WiFi, Z-Wave, KNX wired systems. At Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd, we prioritize wireless & wired solutions to maintain the aesthetics of your home and provide flexibility in device installation and relocation.

  • Advantages of Purchasing Devices from Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd:

    When you purchase from Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd, you benefit from:

    • 1. Free onsite installation
    • 2. Personalized setup and scene configuration
    • 3. Expert consultation
    • 4. Products from reputable brands
    • 5. Lifetime support

  • What If Devices Don't Work as Advertised?

    If there's a manufacturing defect, we provide immediate replacement or refund. For integration issues, we reconfigure the setup to ensure your system functions correctly, ensuring a positive experience for you.

  • What If I Have Technical Difficulties?

    All products from Heaven Automation Pvt Ltd come with dedicated product support. Simply contact us via phone at +91 73 73 73 58 73 or email us at, and we'll assist you promptly.